Thursday, February 11, 2016

[Whatcha gonna do bout it?]

The field I want to dive into is video games, more specifically, the female presence in video games. My posts will revolve around answering a few questions regarding this idea. One of these questions is “Why are some of the people in the gaming community so opposed against women?” I have planned to answer this by conducting some social experiments of my own. Now for someone who is not very familiar with video games, there is a feature in some games called “multiplayer”, and this feature allows different, random people from around the world to play with/against each other. I plan to use this multiplayer feature and record a first person perspective of what it is like to play as a female in a multiplayer world, having females, or males with voice modifiers, of all skill levels and ages playing a wide variety of games. The reason for having a wide variety of games is to help answer another question of mine, “Who are video games marketed towards?” The reactions from the experiment from different games will help me get a better understanding of who plays what kind of video games. From this research, I can help give a better, more clearer understanding of the female presence in video games.

As of right now, the biggest problem with society is misogyny, specifically within the video game world. I am sick and tired of the non-diverse, ignorant aspects in video games that are released even to this day. For example, it took nine assassin’s creed games to feature female or other ethnic protagonists with instead of the bread and butter “white male hero”. Besides that, I am also strongly opposed to the exclusion of women in the video game community, and I realize that there are a good amount of respectful individuals within the community, but I came to learn that the toxic few are actually pushing female players to hide their true sex to prevent verbal assault. The last thing that bugs me is the negative connotation that is associated with the word “gamer.” Picture typical gamer in your head. What did you visualize? Probably a cheeto-fingered, overweight man living in his mother’s basement, when in fact, that is not the case for most. This personally aggravates me, as it tarnishes what it means to be a gamer. So, these ideas are what are going to inspire the direction of this blog, and hopefully give some insight to the misogyny that pollutes my passion to this day


My name is Marco Demeterio, and I have created this blog to provide information regarding misogyny and gender inequalities in video games, and giving my take on it.