Thursday, February 11, 2016

[Whatcha gonna do bout it?]

The field I want to dive into is video games, more specifically, the female presence in video games. My posts will revolve around answering a few questions regarding this idea. One of these questions is “Why are some of the people in the gaming community so opposed against women?” I have planned to answer this by conducting some social experiments of my own. Now for someone who is not very familiar with video games, there is a feature in some games called “multiplayer”, and this feature allows different, random people from around the world to play with/against each other. I plan to use this multiplayer feature and record a first person perspective of what it is like to play as a female in a multiplayer world, having females, or males with voice modifiers, of all skill levels and ages playing a wide variety of games. The reason for having a wide variety of games is to help answer another question of mine, “Who are video games marketed towards?” The reactions from the experiment from different games will help me get a better understanding of who plays what kind of video games. From this research, I can help give a better, more clearer understanding of the female presence in video games.